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June 30, 2019




251 Green Lane

Ewing, NJ, 08368

Clay Curtis, pastor

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7 Birch Street

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·       Next Sunday, July 7, Jeff Moyer, Joyce Moyer and Greg Cooper are scheduled to confess Christ in believer’s baptism.  In August, Cyril and Lenore Rennels are scheduled to do so in the Doodnath’s pool.

·       Our conference is scheduled for July Friday, July 19 – Sun, July 21.  We will have services Friday night, Saturday morning and night, and Sunday morning.  I have invited four pastors who each will preach two sermons for us: John Chapman, David Eddmenson, Don Fortner, and Paul Mahan.


Psalm 119:165: Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.


He Must Increase – I Must Decrease

As the years pass, I come to a greater and greater realization of how much I must depend upon the grace of God for my salvation. My righteousness appears less and less acceptable in my sight: and if it looks poor in my sight, how awful it must appear in God’s sight! My will and determination do not appear half so strong as they once did, and I feel a greater need to rely upon the unchangeable will of God if I am to persevere. This business of growing in grace is not at all what I once thought it would be. Rather than growing stronger, it seems I am growing weaker. Rather than growing more self-sufficient, it appears that I am growing more Christ - dependent. My utter dependence on Christ for all things is more evident to me now than before. I suppose this is why Peter united growing in grace with growing in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

     So, if your desire is to grow in grace, then prepare yourself to diminish; prepare yourself to reduce in the flesh, for growth in grace is a growth in “Christ being formed in you,” which always follows the old pattern “He must increase, I must decrease.”

Joe Terrell

Christ Is Greater Than Things Associated With Him

Many treasure things associated with Christ, more than the Christ of those things; few treasure Christ more than things associated with Him.

  • Many celebrate the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ; few celebrate the Christ who was born, crucified, and resurrected.
  • Many cherish the cross of Christ; few cherish the Christ of the cross.
  • Many boast of being in the church of Christ; few know what it is to be in the Christ of the church.
  • Many debate the gospel of Christ; few believe in the Christ who is the gospel.
  • Many profess what is called the finished work of Christ; few profess the Christ who finished His work.
  • Many declare justification and sanctification to be through Christ; few declare Christ to be their only righteousness and holiness.
  • Many partake of bread and wine in what is called the Lord’s Supper; few partake of the Christ represented by those elements.
  • Many speak of the return of Christ; few speak of the Christ who is returning.
  • Many look for the coming kingdom of Christ; few acknowledge the Christ who is presently King.
  • Many hope to go to the heaven of Christ; few want to go to the Christ of heaven.

     Many claim to believe in all the things associated with Christ; few confess “Christ is all, and in all” (Colossians 3:11)—and everything apart from Christ is nothing.                                                                                                    –Daniel Parks


Of Suffering

It is not every suffering that makes a martyr, but suffering for the word of God after a right manner; that is, not only for righteousness, but for righteousness’ sake; not only for truth, but out of love to truth; not only for God’s word, but according to it; that is, in that holy, humble, meek manner, as the word of God requires.

     It is a rare thing to suffer aright, and to have my spirit in suffering turned only against God’s enemy, sin; sin in doctrine, sin in worship, sin in life, and sin in conversation. …

     I have often thought that the best of Christians are found in the worst of times. And I have thought again that one reason why we are no better, is because God purges us no more. Noah and Lot—who so holy as they in the time of their afflictions? And yet who so idle as they in the time of their prosperity?                                                                                                    –John Bunyan

“Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.”
Colossians 4:5

Walking here is conducting yourself and redeeming is to make wise use of. Both are used here with regard to how we spend our time in relation to the lost people around us, who are without the Lord Jesus Christ. Verse 6 in this same context shows that it is by speaking and answering that we perform this. In what way? Let your speech be seasoned with grace. Further light is shed on this in verse 3 where Paul requests prayer that he might be enabled to speak the mystery of Christ, God opening a door of utterance for him to do so.

So, we are exhorted to be wise in our conduct toward sinners. How? By making the most of the time given us. How? By speaking to and answering them. Regarding what? The mystery of Christ, and the grace of God as it is in Christ. God help me, in the place where He has opened a door for me to live and speak, to take this exhortation to heart, and act upon it. Oh, the continual struggle it is to keep my mind, heart, and all my efforts focused upon Christ and Him crucified. Oh, for the grace to determine with Paul, to know nothing else. I disobey the God Who opened the door for me, and greatly wrong those who hear me, if I deviate ever, at all.

I understand the difference between Supralapsarianism and Infralapsarianism and I could explain them, but will it give a sinner any hope of forgiveness for his sin? Will God use it to save? I do not understand fully the mystery of Christ, and cannot explain it, but can declare it, and it does give hope to sinners. This is what God has declared He will use as the means whereby He will “save them that believe.” There are many all around me who preach “another gospel” and I know wherein they err and could correct them, or at least condemn them. Is this what God called me to do? Would I be walking in wisdom toward them that are without? Thank God for the man, who, at every opportunity, simply preaches the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Though he be branded a simpleton, and accused of avoiding the “issues” of the day, he will not swerve from Christ and His glorious sin-atoning death. I want to be that man. Pray for me, that God will make it so.

–Chris Cunningham


The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished.2 Peter 2:9


Be as much troubled by unjust praises, as by unjust slanders. –Philip Henry


This is true obedience, whether to God or man, when we look not so much to the letter of the law, as to the mind of the law-maker.  –John Trapp