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Author Text Type Series Topic Bible Book
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Date 6AuthorText TypeSeriesTitleScripturehtmlpdfdoc
09-Jul-2020Clay CurtisBulletinIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin 7-12-2020Isaiah 52:7openpdfdoc
28-Jun-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesIndividual MessageA Fourfold Call1 Peter 5:5-10openpdfdoc
25-Jun-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesIndividual MessageWhat Grace Have You?Luke 6:27-38openpdfdoc
21-Jun-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesSincere QuestionsIs Not God's Way Equal & Your Ways Unequal?Ezekiel 18:1-32openpdfdoc
21-Jun-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesRomans 2018The Minister of Jesus ChristRomans 15:14-19openpdfdoc
20-Jun-2020Clay CurtisBulletinIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin 6-21-201 Corinthians 4:3-5openpdfdoc
18-Jun-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesPsalms 2011What He Hath Done For MePsalm 66:1-20openpdfdoc
14-Jun-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesSincere QuestionsShall Covenant-Breakers Prosper? (1 of 2)Ezekiel 17:1-24openpdfdoc
14-Jun-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesSincere QuestionsShall Covenant-Breakers Prosper? (2 of 2)Ezekiel 17:1-24openpdfdoc
13-Jun-2020Clay CurtisBulletinIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin 6-14-201 Corinthians 4:1openpdfdoc
11-Jun-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesPsalms 2011Our Husbandman and His GardenPsalm 65:8-13openpdfdoc
07-Jun-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesExodus 2016Christ In The Brass LaverExodus 30:17-21openpdf 
06-Jun-2020Clay CurtisBulletinIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin 6-7-2020Isaiah 63:15openpdfdoc
04-Jun-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesPsalms 2011Our Salvation And ConfidencePsalm 65:5-7openpdfdoc
31-May-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesExodus 2016A Memorial of Atonement Exodus 30:11-16openpdfdoc
30-May-2020Clay CurtisBulletinIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin 5-31-201 Corinthians 3:23openpdfdoc
28-May-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesPsalms 2011The Vow Shall Be PerformedPsalm 65:1-4openpdfdoc
24-May-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesExodus 2016Christ in the Golden Altar of IncenseExodus 30:1-10, 34-38openpdfdoc
23-May-2020Clay CurtisBulletinIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin 5-24-20201 Corinthians 3:21-23openpdfdoc
21-May-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesPsalms 2011The Response Of The PerfectPsalm 64:1-10openpdfdoc
17-May-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesExodus 2016Christ Our PeaceExodus 29:22-46openpdf 
16-May-2020Clay CurtisBulletinIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin 5-17-202 Corinthians 5:18openpdfdoc
14-May-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesPsalms 2011A Wilderness Worth WhilePsalm 63:1-3openpdfdoc
10-May-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesIndividual MessageA Key Called Promise2 Samuel 23:5openpdfdoc
09-May-2020Clay CurtisBulletinIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin 5-10-20202 Samuel 23:5openpdfdoc
26-Apr-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesIndividual MessageWho Loves Much?Luke 7:36-50openpdfdoc
25-Apr-2020Clay CurtisBulletinIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin 4-26-2020Exodus 29:21openpdfdoc
23-Apr-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesPsalms 2011The Only PsalmPsalm 62:1-12openpdfdoc
19-Apr-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesExodus 2016Christ Our ConsecrationExodus 29:19-21openpdfdoc
18-Apr-2020Clay CurtisSermon NotesIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin 4-19-2020James 1:19-20openpdfdoc
Total Records: 2665            Page of 89