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AuthorClay Curtis
TitleThe Fear of the Lord
Bible TextProverbs 1:7
Article Type Article
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Proverbs 1: 7: The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge:…

Many things can be said about this statement without coming close to exhausting its importance.  But one reason this is true is because the fear the LORD is reverence for the LORD with child-like affection and trust.  When my son was seven, we were walking to pick up his sister from school. He wanted to ride his bike.  But his helmet was wet from the rain.  I told him it was wet. Then I held it out and let him feel it.  About a block later, he said, “Daddy, you did not have to let me feel the helmet, I believe whatever you tell me.”  Fear of the LORD is reverence for the LORD with a child’s affection and trust, convinced that the LORD will only do for you what is wise and good.  When we fear the Lord, God is, himself, knowledge unto us.  Then it is by him that we filter all other knowledge to discern whether it is true or false, good or evil, beneficial or harmful. Many more reasons can be given.  But the first and the chief thing in attaining knowledge is the fear of the Lord.