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AuthorClay Curtis
TitleThe Breaches
Bible TextNehemiah 4:7-9
Article Type Article


Nehemiah 4: 7: But it came to pass, that when Sanballat, and Tobiah, and the Arabians, and the Ammonites, and the Ashdodites, heard that the walls of Jerusalem were made up, and that the breaches began to be stopped, then they were very wroth, 8: And conspired all of them together to come and to fight against Jerusalem, and to hinder it. 9: Nevertheless we made our prayer unto our God, and set a watch against them day and night, because of them.

When the enemies heard that the breaches in the wall began to be built up they were enraged. All the enemies conspired together to come and fight at the point of those breaches that they might hinder the work.

    These enemies and the breaches in the wall represent satan and his seed and that point of the doctrine of Christ they are attacking at any given time.  Our enemies are not attacking the point of the gospel where the wall stands strong. They attack at whatever point they think there may be a breach in the wall.    

     May God make us like those faithful men in this passage! Pray unto him without ceasing because except God build up the breach then it will not be built up. Set a watch against our enemies day and night defending Christ’s faithful preachers who preach that point of Christ’s gospel which is most under attack so that our enemies will not hinder the work.