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AuthorClay Curtis
TitleTake Heed How You Hear
Bible TextLuke 8:4-18
Article Type Article
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Luke 8:18: Take heed therefore how ye hear.


Do you take heed to how you hear the gospel? It takes the pastor days to prepare a message. How much time do we spend hearing the word preached?  Before we arrive at services, do we spend time preparing our hearts to hear the gospel? Once at the building, do we arrive early enough to sit and prepare ourselves to hear?  Afterwards, do we spend time studying what we have heard? Here are four reasons to take heed how we hear the gospel.  


     First, we heard Christ give the parable of the four kinds of ground. Only one out of the four truly heard and brought forth fruit. A hearing ear is given by the grace of God. It is a rare thing to have the truth preached, even more to hear it with spiritual ears.  Christ commands his people, “Take heed therefore how ye hear.”


     Secondly, the Lord said that he gives us grace and light to teach others what he has taught us in the gospel. “No man, when he hath lighted a candle, covereth it with a vessel, or putteth it under a bed; but setteth it on a candlestick, that they which enter in may see the light. For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. Take heed therefore how ye hear.” (Lu 8: 16-18) How can I tell others the good news of Christ if I do not take heed how I hear?


     Thirdly, as we hear, Christ gives more grace to those who hear. Yet, he takes from those who only appear to have but who in truth have no real interest in their hearts. He said, “for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have.” (Luk 8: 18)  “Take heed therefore how ye hear.”


     Fourthly, Christ says those who heed this word and do it are his true family. “Then came to him his mother and his brethren, and could not come at him for the press. And it was told him by certain which said, Thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to see thee. And he answered and said unto them, My mother and my brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it.” (Luk 8: 19-21)


Christ’s people will read this and “Take heed therefore how ye hear.”